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Our first team member is Victory or registered name is
Victories NewCovenantHe is a 16 year old hackney pony
gelding He rides and drivesand as a four year old received
the title of Reseve World Champion Roaster Pony
Her registered name is Evela de ropa. She is a 21 year old Paso
Fino she was the first paso that Sheila ever rode or owned She is
very willing to do what pleases her owner she is a former show
horse and has also had two foals her color is a beautiful
Is a 26 year old Tennessee walking mare she was a
former plantation pleasure show mare for many
years she is won awards throughout the southeast
and was also used to ride handicap children she was
donated to us 2 years ago.
Milergo means miracle in Spanish milagro Is a 11 year old
paso fino he is a newest member to our team he is a former
fino champion he is very exciting to watch its almost like he
is dancing we are very blessed to have him as an addition to
our team.
Dolly is a 15 year old Missouri Foxtrotter. She came to
us straight out of a pasture. Lisa has been working with
her gates and taking her to small shows. She has a
wonderful disposition and is a great addition to our